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About all of them
Jan 23 2012, 1:18 PM EST | Post edited: Jan 23 2012, 1:18 PM EST
Well there are creatures that are not even listed in here.There are creatures that are showed on youtube.All mythological creatures and all half animal half human creatures and fairies and all stuff like that is real.They are nature spirits and serpants and beasts and created from fallen angels.There are good nature spirits and bad.Some manifested and hybridialized by fallen angels,just as incubus,succubus and amazons,amazons and succubus are extremly beautiful elf girl women demons created before near 7000 or 8000 years ago.There were dinosaurs and stuff like that.Giants called Nephilim.They are killed by the flood,that God sent to kill them to save Noah and his family that were not mixed with anybody(didn´t have intercorse with demons and hybrids and fallen angels,holy gral bloodline.)Their spirit is trapped on earth & roam earth till this very day,and posses others and rape others from taken body,and create themselfs again.And fallen angels come and abducte(masked as aliens) and abduct humans and have sexual intercourse to create hybrids that some of them,not some but control goverement and in these end times are going to destroy the most,and call their return of old satanic age new world order,that is what is happening now,new occult age agenda.These demons and demonic creatures,hybrids ,dragons and all this stuff,himera,..... ect ect.., are keeping also people in lies and deceptions + in ****** and make polution,and open portal of their dimensions and lost world,and comming back in upcoming aquarius age.And Jesus is going to rapture us to save us from these creatures,serpants,demons,rapist beasts,and other violent even beautifull loocking creatures to enslave to taking the mark of the beast and transhumanism(robotism) and sexual intersourse.Think for yourself,this site may seem like a fun place,but should remind you something,i give warning,these creatures are returning,those people who report them that saw all that,are right,and we have to be aware Do you find this valuable?    

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