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Tokolosh lives on our property.
Nov 10 2010, 3:27 AM EST | Post edited: Nov 10 2010, 3:27 AM EST
We have a tokolosh that lives on our property next to the compost heap. He apparently joined the flood of migrant workers to Johannesburg and subsequently was homeless after finding out that Johannesburg streets were not paved with gold as he was told. Anyhow , he landed up on our property where he forages in neighbors yards for anything of value that he barters for food. i have had to tell him to lay off stealing garden hosepipes and lawnmowers as the pawnshop no longer wants them. Little bugger is now bringing home hubcaps and garden furniture. Amazing how quickly he has adapted. Caught him trying to seduce a Ha de dah , which is a African bird that forages in gardens. For updates on "Koosie" as we have nicknamed him, watch out for a blog to come soon called Koosie Tokolosh. 9  out of 16 found this valuable. Do you?    
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Jul 3 2012, 9:45 AM EDT | Post edited: Jul 3 2012, 9:45 AM EDT
Dis 'n tuin kaffer. Do you find this valuable?