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A yokai that lives high up in the mountains of Japan. These solitary creatures are very beautiful, but are very dangerous when something intrudes on their territory. These creatures are usually shy and timid, but when forced to fight, they can become very vicious. They rarely ever breed with humans, but when they do, they can produce one of the most vicious monsters in the world: the Imiko, a Son of Fire. Able to bend ice and snow to their will, they can freeze a person with a single kiss if they wish to, but a Yuki-Onna wouldn't degrade herself so greatly unless it was a last resort to get out of a bad relationship. There has only been one person who has known to have survived a Yuki-Onna's wrath, but he was saved because of the children he had with her.

Some legends say the Yuki-onna, being associated with winter and snowstorms, is the spirit of someone who perished in the snow. She is at the same time beautiful and serene, yet ruthless in killing unsuspecting mortals. Until the 18th century, she was almost uniformly portrayed as evil. Today, however, stories often color her as more human, emphasizing her ghost-like nature and ephemeral beauty.
In many stories, Yuki-onna appears to travelers trapped in snowstorms, and uses her icy breath to leave them as frost-coated corpses. Other legends say she leads them astray so they simply die of exposure. Other times, she manifests holding a child. When a well-intentioned soul takes the "child" from her, they are frozen in place. Parents searching for lost children are particularly susceptible to this tactic. Other legends make Yuki-onna much more aggressive. In these stories, she often invades homes, blowing in the door with a gust of wind to kill residents in their sleep (Some legends require her to be invited inside first.)
What Yuki-onna is after varies from tale to tale. Sometimes she is simply satisfied to see a victim die. Other times, she is more vampiric, draining her victims' blood or "life force." She occasionally takes on a succubus-like manner, preying on weak-willed men to drain or freeze them through sex or a kiss.

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