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Shape Shifters differ from Werewolves in that they transform at will. Many wizards and witches are or were shape shifters. Most shape shifters have their normal intelligence and total control over their actions while in their animal form, another difference from werewolves. A wiccan shape-shifter can become any animal developed by mother nature, as long as they have former it within their power. Or, they can shape shift into an actual mythical creature, as long as it is for real, and not made up. A limited shape shifter turns into only one thing. The most common animals that shape shifters (shifting,changer,etc.) turn into are wolf, bear, minotaur, cat and lion.
Near the Northern areas of Canada and in Alaska, and a few areas in the arctic circle, there are packs of shape shifters with their allegiance of wolf. In one of the packs, there is a witch who was known last as Zeatrice, although she is constantly on the run and changing her name, whom the alpha's oldest son had asked to join them. This was because of troubles that had happened recently.

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