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Pegasus originates in Greek mythology. It is said Pegasus sprang from the blood of Medusa after Perseus beheaded her. Her blood dripped from her head acros entire Greece, Medusa's blood came in contact with the foam on the beach, thats why Pegasus is white. Pegasus is described as a winged white horse although there are many other variations in modern fantasy.

Apparently the original Pegasus only allowed two mortals to ride him, both were Greek heroes.

Pegasus (pegai) in modern fantasy are still considered white, winged horses. They live in the forest and live in small herds. Very rarely one pegasus will befriend a human, or elf and become his/her companion.

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In the Ancient Greek legend, Pegasus is the mighty winged-horse that carries Zeus' thunderbolts, other variations on this legend name Zeus as the father of Pegasus.

Pegasus was often referred to as a wanderer. One account relates that while stopping to rest in Mt. Helicon (other accounts says its Mt. Olympus), the mighty winged creature slashed his hoof on the ground and created a sacred spring called the Hippocrene, also known as the Sacred Spring of the Muses. From the springs, spawned nine beautiful muses who ruled over liberal arts and sciences and provided a great influence and inspiration in music and poetry.

Bellerophon and Pegasus

Bellerophon is a Greek tragic hero best known to be the man who tamed Pegasus. They had several adventures together including slaying the bestial creature Chimera.

Unfortunately, Bellorophon had greater things in mind. His swelled ego made him yearn to join the immortal gods and fly up to the heaven. Pegasus threw the rider off (other accounts say that Zeus sent a gadfly to sting Pegasus) and they got separated from then on. It was said that the fall made Bellorophon blind and spent his days rambling the earth, rejected by the gods and men.

Pegasus became the servant of gods. He was ridden by Apollo to help bring the sun or was being mounted by Eos to help bring the dawn. For this remarkable and noble service, he was honoured with a constellation.

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