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Finding recipes for rare or strange dishes is easy, but finding recipes for super-rare dishes like those made of mythical creatures is darn near impossible. Problem solved. Below you will find cooking recommendations for your favorite mythical creature.

Unicorn Shish kabobUnicorn Shish Kabob

Served from the severed head of this most majestic and rare horned beast, Unicorn Shish Kabobs are sure to delight your guests.

Simply break the horn off the Unicorn, slice up small bite-sized pieces of the meat, add bell peppers and onions, then skewer the ingredients with the Unicorn horn. Grill for 15-20 minutes, then enjoy a meal that is said to cure cancer.

No looking back after digging into this special Medussa fondue. We recommend guests wear blindfolds or use mirrors to dip their Medussa meat.

To prepare: gradually stir in aged cheeses into the fondue pot, then add severed Medussa snake hair pieces. Chop up Medussa meat into small squares, then provide guests skewers and dip.

Pan Seared MermaidPan-seared Mermaid with California Trolls

The best of "under the sea" meets "under the bridge." This decadent delight wets the pallet of seafood lovers. Made with 100% organic California Trolls farmed under the finest bridges in Northern California Troll Country. Beware... trolls may be unsettling and difficult to find out of season.
Phoenix Foie GrasPhoenix Foie Gras

The meal that cooks itself. This meal is great because if you catch a 500-1,000 year old Phoenix that has built its myrrh nest, wait for it to ignite, then remove the Phoenix meat after about 15 minutes of cooking.

Mythical Creature Dishes - Mythical Creatures GuideYeti Spaghetti with Pegasauce

Ground Yeti meat balls served atop a bed of delicate angel hair pasta, with a radiant purple pegasauce that will dance with equestrian grace down your esophagus.

Left over Yeti and Pegasus can be used for Sloppy Sasquatch the next day.
Hydra BrainHydra Brain Pasta

Looking to feed a group of nine? One hydra will do.

Sever the heads off the hydra, pry open the skulls, then pull out the brains and give each guest their own brain to dress with their favorite toppings.

Nessie NuggetsNessie Nuggets

A kids' favorite. Made from the highest quality grade D mechanically separated sea serpent meat. First frozen and then deep fried to perfection.

Just, don't ask what part of the Loch Ness the nuggets come from.
Rumpelstiltskin SkinsSkinless-Boneless Rumpelstilt-skins

First anger Rumpelstiltskin, wait for him to tear himself into two. Promptly skin him, and make thin slices of Rumpelstiltskin meat.

Bake in the oven for 25 minutes at 350 or until thoroughly crisp. Salt to taste and serve with any meal.

Mythical Creature Dishes - Mythical Creatures GuideJersey Deviled Eggs

The tastiest thing thing to come out of Jersey since Bon Jovi! Jersey Devil eggs are known for their potency and the tails are extra spicy.

A great way to kick off any Mythical creature meal.
Mythical Creature Dishes - Mythical Creatures GuideBacon-wrapped Mummy

Even Brendan Frasier would think twice about sending this back. Only bacon can bring the life back to a dish long thought dead.

Preparation time - 3,000 years. Bacon Mummy best served in its own sarcophagus.

Sloppy Sasquatch SandwichSloppy Sasquatch

You'll come back for sloppy seconds of this myth dish. First shave Sasquatch (save shavings for garnish). Then slow cook meat for 24 hours. Serve between sesame buns and enjoy the gamey outdoor taste.
Mythical Creature Dishes - Mythical Creatures GuideLoch Ness-cargot

For purists who like their Mythical meats raw and want to serve up something that makes their guests feel like rich Europeans.

One Loch Ness can serve up appetizers for up to 1,000 guests.

Mythical Creature Dishes - Mythical Creatures GuideChupacabra Con Queso

You could make anything taste better by adding cheese but making this any better would be a crime to humanity.

Chupacabra doesn't taste like chicken, but it does taste like goat.
Minotaur TartareMinotaur Tartare

Part man, part bull, all delicious! It's only half cannibalism, right?

If Loch Nesscargot is too fishy for you, perhaps some Minotaur red meat will do the trick.

Mythical Creature Dishes - Mythical Creatures GuideUnicorn on the Cob

Unicorn Shish Kabobs are great, but what can you serve the non-meat eater? Simply wrap your Unicorn horn with a corn husk and and let chew on this one for the next three days. You'll surely convert them to eating Myth meat in no time.
Unicorn of the Sea (Narwhal)

Mythical Creature Dishes - Mythical Creatures GuideSo maybe you didn't have a virgin to help you catch a Unicorn, but you don't want to upset your guests.

Simply go for the nearest horned imitation meat: Unicorn of the Sea (made with real Narwhal). Comes in a can - order a box of 12 and they'll usually throw in the horn for free.

Leprechaun LunchablesLeprechaun Lunchables

On the go, or packing lunch for your kid? Leprechaun lunchables are easy to transport and fun to share. And don't you worry, Oscar Meyer didn't include the wiener.
Cheese and KrakensCheese and Krakens

The sight of a Kraken is enough to scare most people away, but you'd be surprised what happens when you chop it up into smaller bits and throw some cheese in with it.

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