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the legend of avalonAvalon was the enchanted island where Arthur's sword was forged and where he was brought after his last battle. Arthur was placed on a golden bed and carried into Avalon by it's divine priestess. He could only be healed by entrusting his care to her completely forever. It is said that Arthur waits there with her until the time of his return. Avalon was presided over by Arthur's sister Morgan le Fey. This was sometimes varied, but was always ruled by one prime priestess; usually a relative of Arthur's. This entire island was beset by woman who pledged their lives in the service of the one goddess. It is said that Avalon "went into the mists" when belief in the goddess had dwindled because of Christianity.

Avalon was often thought of as a mysterious and mystical island with a view of Glastonbury, but at times it was also thought to represent Glastonbury itself. On one end of the spectrum Arthur awaits his time of return, and on the other he was laid to rest in his tomb.

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