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Hugtandalf means 'fanged elf' in Dutch. The hugtandalfers originated in Palisphor, a secret eden for mythical creatures of all kinds. Hugtandalfers are able to use magic as an elf may use it, except their power isn't near as strong. Though they cannot harness the power of magic like an elf, no one knows the extent of hugtandalf magical ability. They have two pairs of fangs, one in the front of their mouths and one pair in back. The front fangs inject a powerful sleeping toxin which can knock out a human for several hours. The back fangs kill instantly. Hugtandalfs age much more slowly than a human, and can live for tens of thousands of years. The oldest hugtandalf on record was more than 40,000 years old. The first hugtandalf was born by a vampire father and an elf mother. The most famous hugtandalfers include: Kylan, Marea, Alssa, and perhaps the greatest, Jace.