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We all need a good laugh now and then, and the beauty of it is that we don't have to go far to find it. Heck sometimes they come to us! Now this can be actual humor amongst friends, but more often than not, its a case of plain stupidity by an abundance of anons.

Here we collect all the "best" comments that have been posted on the threads and even some of the comebacks given to them.

Come on people, let's not laugh with them. Let's laugh AT them!


1) BY Anon -
Date: 30th June 2009, 3:12 PM EDT

I love dragons. But i heard one time that they are real one of my close friends said that one day she got this book called the evil thing and in the beginning it said don't read aloud and she read it to her brother aloud. Then it came to life. The dragon had bumps on its back and had two heads.Then she told me that it took her brother . Then this girl from school was walking in the woods and she got taken to. Then this boy from the same school saw the thing take the girl. SO he went running to my friends house and told my friend. So at first my friend didn't believe him. But then the boy said look to go see if your brother is up stairs sleeping. So then my friend went to go look and her brother wasn't there . So then my friend and this boy from her school went to the park were the boy from her school saw the girl get taken. SO then they saved her brother and the girl from school. SO THE END

Reason for Nomination: Seriously, do I need to explain myself?

* * *

2) BY Anon -
DATE: 30th June 2009, 4:11 PM EDT

If one enters the Bermuda Triangle, the Magnathorax will Eat you.

Reason for Nomination: Yes, a fictional creature will eat you. Oooh scary. Knees trembling...

* * *

3) BY Anon -
DATE: Jun 14 2009, 12:02 AM EDT

Do video game races really belong on a site about mythological creatures?
I mean, what's the difference between adding Night Elves and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

Reason for Nomination: The fact that perhaps - just slightly, possibly, inconceivable PERHAPS! - it was added to a page that says FICTIONAL F*CKING CREATURES. but as I said, perhaps.

* * *

4) BY Anon -
DATE: July 1st 2009, 1:01 PM EDT

There is a site called wizard101 it made a world called Grizzleheim its baced on Norse Mythology.

FOLLOWED WITH THE RESPONSE BY: Anon - (Yes its the same person)

Ya, Its a amazing world but are there hawks and ravens and bears in Norse Mythology.

Reason for Nomination: How else to promote a popular site? Suffer from multiple personality syndrome and be an anon!

* * *

5) BY Anon -
DATE: July 04 2009, 2:15 AM EDT

It has been over 15 years since I had my incounter with Black Dog and it still scares me deep in my Soul !
I can honestly say that I never felt fear before that night ! It was there for one reason and one reason only ! "My Soul"! It didn't get me, but it wasn't for lack of trying on it's part !

Reason for Nomination: And our winner for Melodramatic Retard is.... Black Dog is after my soul!!

* * *

6) BY Anon -
DATE: July 03 2009, 9:38 AM EDT

LOL i liked the stealing the dragons gold quote thats was GREAT lol in all lore if you steal a dragons gold they WILL hunt you down like you said and thats whats funney you have to think if a HUMAN is greedy have to wonder what kinda greed them dragons got corse on some lore they can FEEL the gold and it resonates but it has to be PURE gold kk im done now im ready for the cross im going to be crusified on lol some ppl are VEARY irritable when you ionsult their farvorite creature

Reason for Nomination: GODDAMMIT! Do you even know what Punctuation is?!

* * *

7) BY Anon - (Same as Above? DUAL NOMINATION!!)
DATE: July 03 2009, 9:30 AM EDT

no it wasnt offensive it is IMPOSSIBLE for there to be a dragon unless they got spaceships and THEY are the ones supposedly beaming us up(no offense to the alien ppl crowd) thats all if you guys wanna see a dragon watch a good dragon movie cuse fat chance you'll see a real one remember this comes from a dragon enthuist

Reason for Nomination: It's just too warped... just too warped...

* * *

8) BY Anon -
DATE: July 06 2009, 12:32 PM EDT

(On a Page with a Video that has been reported FAKED countless of times already)

IT'S A REAL UNICORN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DON'T BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reason for Nomination: You're a real F*cktard!! And We believe it!

* * *

9) BY Anon -
DATE: July 08 2009, 6:39 AM EDT

i swear he disappears every full moon and always is tired and such. it kinda freaks me out, mainly the day after when he is all you know private and secret looking. i dunno how many of these creatures are real but i swear he is a werewolf

Reason for Nomination: Because obviously that is the ONLY logical conclusion you can come up with. ~Sword In A Field Argument!~

* * *

BY Sealav
DATE: July 08 2009, 11:19 PM EDT

dragons rock... why do all the comments get deleted lol

Reason for Nomination: Because of comments like this... nuff said.

* * *

11) BY Anon -
DATE: July 07 2009, 12:33 PM EDT

i saw a monster in scottland and it was a half dracla and half evil snow lepod and i saw a wolf and i flow to england with my family and i hunt for mythical monsters

Reason for Nomination: Their ability (for lack of a better word) to leave myself and others, bamboozled and dumbstruck at their incompetence to string a coherent sentence together... I mean really, what can you say to that but mutter under your breath, “some people are idiots”.

* * *

12) BY Anon -
DATE: July 10 2009, 2:04 PM EDT

I am a real mermaid!! I'm not like what the person right before me thinks of mermaids though!! Whenever I want to I have a blue tail instead of legs and I have awesome water powers!!! Mermaids rock!!!!!!!!!!!! MERMAIDS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!

Reason for Nomination: It's people like these that give the wonderful people at the Mental Correctional Hospital a job.

* * *

13) BY Anon -
DATE: July 11 2009, 11:09 PM EDT

This Unknown creature could be a New animal that has never before been seen...Or a alien....an alien pig,, i would never have guessed. but anyway I think its either a new speices of animal or a alien. thasts just my guess...lol
But it looks soo cool

Reason for Nomination: Because he thinks that an alien pig is cool, and the fact that he's guessing and admits it, and then goes on to say that he - "would never have guessed" I think he has a few screws loose.

* * *

14) BY Anon -
DATE: July 18 2009, 6:32 AM EDT

ur a but weird isy102 :L:L mermaid are beautiful creature duh ther also not real so to call them a stut is retarded and how the f is miley cyrus a stut may i ask? ur arnt very same r yoo im twelve u stupid thick person

Reason for Nomination: If you MUST insult someone, make sure you don't give others reasons to insult you. It only makes it more fun for us.

* * *

BY Anon -
DATE: Aug 01 2009, 12:21 PM EDT

Hey you might not know me bit who cares
right heres the story my mate MATT went mexico for his holiday for 5 or 6 weeks any way thats not the point one night he heared somthing strange so he gets curious so he goes out to see theres a creature out side the hotel

his parants think it was his imagination we think it`s EL CHUPPA CAPRAS but we can`t be sure so if you belive me join my continue the thread if you don`t belive me still continue the thread

Reason for Nomination: Well he got one thing right - we don't know him and we don't care.

* * *
16) BY Anon -
DATE: Aug 24 2009, 6:21 PM EDT

i want a megalodon as a pet and feed it macroni and chees

Reason for Nomination: ....Bloody idiot. (Freedragon10022)

* * *
17) BY Anon -
DATE: Aug 31st 2009, 9:42 PM EDT

Hippogriffs, are they actually real? I am not so sure. I'm pretty sure they're fake but has anyone actually seen a Hippogriff? I THINK NOT!!!!! They are stupid beasts and should BE SEEN AND NOT HEARD! They are exactly like paris hilton. Crazy and Stupid. Only enough space in their minds for moving, talking and eating. They are little Bit#%es and should not be wrote about on stupid websites like this one! This site is for Retards and lowlifes.

FOLLOWED WITH THE RESPONSE BY: Anon - (Yes its the same person)

Of course not. You don't have to insult stuff just because it doesn't exist. You're the lowlife, not us!

Reason for Nomination: Anon with a multiple personality disorder. Oh but it gets better... why is that? Look below.

* * *
18) BY Anon -
DATE: Aug 31st 2009, 8:11 PM EDT

this hippogriff look retarded!!!!!!this hippogriff look retarded!!!!!!this hippogriff look retarded!!!!!!this hippogriff look retarded!!!!!!this hippogriff look retarded!!!!!!this hippogriff look retarded!!!!!!this hippogriff look retarded!!!!!!this hippogriff look retarded!!!!!!this hippogriff look retarded!!!!!!this hippogriff look retarded!!!!!!this hippogriff look retarded!!!!!!this hippogriff look retarded!!!!!!this hippogriff look retarded!!!!!!this hippogriff look retarded!!!!!!this hippogriff look retarded!!!!!!this hippogriff look retarded!!!!!!this hippogriff look retarded!!!!!!this hippogriff look retarded!!!!!!this hippogriff look retarded!!!!!!this hippogriff look retarded!!!!!!this hippogriff look retarded!!!!!!this hippogriff look retarded!!!!!!

Reason for Nomination: I once read that a person's writing reflects upon the writer.

* * *

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It must be a trip getting to see all the stupid stuff people say on here. But, just my luck this comment will be added to the Hall of Anon Shame. Nah, not funny enough.
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Why are revenants not included in this site? Granted they are highly similar to zombies but still different being at least semi-self-aware.
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Anonymous Where am I? 1 Jul 15 2012, 11:38 PM EDT by Logic_Chair
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I was browsing through Asian Porn and a link to this site came up. I searched up and down for any hint of Japanese girls getting penetrated by octopi or Pokemon bukkake, but alas, I have found none. Interesting site though.
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