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Ghost on the Staircase
While they can be beneficial, negative, or neutral, ghosts—the spirits of dead people—are often tragic. Ghosts often haunt a location or someone living, and they sometimes appear as a warning. But mostly ghosts are harmless beings that would no more hurt a human than a teddy bear could hurt a fly. Ghosts can also be invoked to help the living, sometimes with mixed results.

In the late 19th century, the Paiute Indians of North America practiced a ghost dance, including trances, lasting five days. Believing it would stop the westward expansion of white settlers other tribes adopted the ghost dance. Just before their tragic 1890 battle with the U.S. cavalry at Wounded Knee, South Dakota, Sioux warriors performed the ceremony, and entered battle wearing ghost shirts to protect them against bullets. Nonetheless, they died by the score.

Other western ghosts populate "ghost towns," once-thriving communities that have been abandoned by the living. Virginia City, Nevada; Silver City, Idaho; and St. Elmo, Colorado are famous towns where the inhabitants are all ghosts busily maintaining the traditions of a happier time.

There are also many different kinds of ghosts. Some are just called ghosts, others are called spirits, beings, and in one instance deities. The mischievous ones that can move and throw things are usually known as Poltergeists. Some people even make a living out of searching for the supernatural, ghosts in particular. And some even find proof, but it is up to us, as the third party viewer to decide what we believe in.

*Some of these pictures are obviously fake, others well, you can decide for yourself.* ^

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