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Fairies, Goblins and Dwarfsalso Fey or Fay

In the English Language fey means otherwordly, able to see the future, or touched in the head. In popular culture the fey, if recognized at all, have been reduced to small, winged, humanoid, female creatures who are frequently portrayed in the nude.

Classifications for fae include that of disposition, Seelie Court (Light) and Unseelie Court (Dark), and whether they live as a community (Troop) or on their own (Solitary).
I think faeries are a very mythical creature. Unlike Tinkerbell movies make out, Fae or faeries, have amazingly strong magic. They conjure up storms and can be the makers of your bad luck. I think Fae live in the magical place called Avalon. Known as the place where happiness rules and every deed ever done is stored. I don't think Faeries have wings (like Tinkerbell) but they do have the ability to fly.
In mythology and folklore "fey" encompasses many magical creatures including, but not limited to:

There are fey in every culture when the definition is stretched to its broadest definition.