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Half eagle and half dog/wolf, the cynogriffon isn't often heard of. Its other name is chamrosh, bringing to mind a four-leaf clover.

Cynogriffons are smaller than other griffons, perhaps even the smallest. Despite their small size they are extremely strong and can often out lift even griffins.

Cynogriffons are also known as Sky-Hounds and are said to be a lesser diety's gift to dragon slayers because of their ability to heal quickly and track anything. The also have enough strength in their jaws to crush through almost anything. Extremely intelligent these creatures are extremely quick and terribly ferocious. It is also said that like some griffons and dragons they can communicate with human via telepathy.

These creatures are excellent at adapting to any enviorment but prefer high mountains and outcroppings because they can see any predators (which are few) coming to them. These creatures have also been known to help stranded people in the mountains but always remain just out of reach. The most stories about them occur in Native American and Celtics lore though usually just in passing.