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Cosmic Dragon Picture The mother of all Dragon was the Babylonian monster, Tiamat. In the beginning, before skies and earth were named, she was the saltwater of the dark primal sea. Only later did she become a Dragoness with a hide so thick that weapons could not pierce it. Her mate, Apsu, was the freshwater.
From the mingling of their waters, Tiamat and Apsu produced pairs of offspring, whose own unruly progeny so annoyed Apsu that he plotted to destroy them, Hearing of this plan, the younger gods bound him with a spell of words and killed him. Incited to vengeance by her older offspring, Tiamat bore all manner of monster to ball the usurpers: Giant snakes filled with venom, serpents with horns, demons, scorpion-men, fish-men, and bull-men.

With Tiamat’s forces assembled to crush them, the younger gods declare Marduk their king and sent him out to do battle with the mother of gods and abominations. Marduk armed himself with a bow, arrows, ad a net. He gathered the winds beside him and drove her into the chariot of a tempest. He ensnared the raging goddess in his net and directed a wind into her face. When she opened her mouth wide to swallow it, the other winds filled her, opening her throat and distending her belly. Marduk shot an arrow straight into her heart. Seeing her fall, her monster hordes scattered. Marduk them split the beast in half. He made half of the body the earth, the other half the sky. He them caught and killed Kingu, her leader of legions and from his blood created mankind.

The account of the Babylonian creation was deciphered from cuneiform tablets that a nineteenth-century British archeological team excavated from King Ashurbanipal’s library at Nineveh.

Tiamut’s Dragon relatives include the rainbow serpent of South Africa. Curled around the world with its tail in its mouth, it sleeps at the bottom of the sea.

Cosmic Dragon Mystery

Cosmic Dragon Image For several millennia, serpents and dragons have occupied the minds of storytellers the world over, and modern theories, explanations, and rationalizations are as abundant as the cultural variations on the theme.

Dragon-like monsters soaring across the heavens rank among the most enigmatic and fanciful icons of the ancient cultures. These mythical reptiles come adorned with feathers or wings, sprouting long-flowing hair and fiery, lightning-like emanations. Every detail of such beasts defies naturalistic reasoning. Yet accounts from widely separated cultures attribute many identical features to these biological absurdities. When researchers seeking to resolve a mystery have explored every possibility they can imagine, but find no answer, it becomes increasingly likely that the truth is simply outside the boundaries of current assumption. Until very recently historical researchers had no reason to think of plasma when considering the mysteries of the cosmic serpent or dragon. Yet almost everything about the mythic archetype finds striking counterparts in the behavior of electrified plasma, now known to fill interplanetary, interstellar and intergalactic space. Under the influence of electric currents, plasma produces filamentary, undulating, spiraling formations, with life-like attributes. Indeed, it was this life-like quality of electrified plasma that inspired Irving Langmuir to borrow the term from biology (blood plasma).

Independent investigators, with an eye to electrical phenomena, suggest that our early ancestors saw heaven-spanning plasma discharge in the sky, when Earth moved through a more dense plasma environment. Earthshaking electrical activity not only decimated early cultures but dominated human imagination for thousands of years. But only in recent decades have plasma experts identified complementary plasma formations in the laboratory and in remote space.
Is it possible that our cosmic environment was once alive with electrical activity? If so, it is essential that the cosmic serpent or dragon be investigated from a new vantage point, one that is open to the study of electrical phenomena in our sky not that long ago.

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