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A ChupacabraThis deadly goat-sucker rears its ugly head periodically in Latin America.

Most recently, Fox News has reported that the bloodless corpses of 800 animals—sheep, pigs, chicken, and dogs—have been found in the past year in northern Chile. The bodies are covered with strange bite marks. Authorities say wild dogs are responsible. However, some villagers have reported seeing Chupacabras.

Chupacabra description

Descriptions vary widely. The monster is sometimes described as a winged monkey, six to eight feet tall, with long, clawed arms and hideous fangs. Other eyewitnesses state the creature is a flying rodent or a species of kangaroo. Yet more acounts tell of the chupacabra being almost identical to the picture on the right. The differences are in the mouth (elongatd face, with a cat-like nose and teeth), and a ridge along it's back not disimiliar to an iguana's. Chupacabra art
In 1995, in Puerto Rico Chupacabras allegedly killed eight sheep leaving behind a pile of bloodless corpses. The beast has also struck in Texas, Costa Rica, and Mexico. Chupacabras could be cousins of the world's only vampire bats, three species of which live in parts of Mexico, Central America, and South America.

Some people say that the chupacabra comes from outer space, while others say it is the result of US military experiments.

El Chupacabra

Chupacabra on Cop Camera

Dead chupacabra caught by farmer

See the video here.

There is also another theory on the chupacabra. Here's the other theory, they were experimenting on a coyote when something went wrong. The scientists went to go get lunch and when they got back, the coyotes were gone. Now here's the reasonable part, they didn't only test on one coyote, they did it on more than 10.

Thats the end.