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The Chimera was a monstrous beast which ravaged the countryside of Lycia in Anatolia that was to be able to breath fire. There have been many discriptions of how it looks but in all the descriptions is it's half lion, goat & serpent,

The Chimera had the head/body of a lion, a goat head & a tail, tipped with a serpent's head

Next to the dragon, the chimera is the second most popular beast to guard portals.

The chimera is also female and is the youngest daughter of Echidna and Typhon. She is also said to be the last child the two had together.

The word chimera is also used in modern pop-culture within both the fantasy and science-fiction communities to refer to unnatural beings created from the combination of two or more animals by means other than breeding.

The Chimera may have once been identified with the winter-rising Constellation, Capricorn (the serpent-tailed goat).

Defeat of the ChimeraBellerophon slaying the Chimera

The hero Bellerophon was commanded to slay it by King Lobates. He rode into battle against the beast on the back of the winged horse Pegasus. When Bellerophon spotted the beast, he tried to slash off the beast with some arrows or damaging it by his sword/spear.
When Bellerophon came close to the beast, avoiding & dogging the Chimera's fire, he pulled out his lead-tipped spear & placed it in the Chimera's mouth, melting her breath & explodes into flames.

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