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Cailehis, Tivarion, Ashnero, Amidia, Firoh, Nesilian, Malikinth, Nalia, Raylu, Lillina, Kurneo and Rafial stood around a table with a large map of Tellios along with a thirteen year old girl with long violet hair and yellowish eyes, a tall bald tan man with a green mustache and red eyes like Amidia, a man with short brown hair and blue eyes, a woman who looked like she was eight teen that had emerald green hair and she had pale yellowish eye, and a man with a long mane of crimson hair with orange eyes. The girl with the violet hair wore a white gown and over that was a red, purple, and gold cloak. A red band was tied around her head and on the hem of her sleeves was what looked like long pieces of gold thread. The woman with the emerald green hair wore a white and gold breastplate and a white and gold long coat that split at the back. A long clear light blue cape and tied around her forehead was a gold and white band. Long white boots were on her feet and on her hands were golden gauntlets. The man with the blue eyes and brown hair wore blue, gold, and brown armor. A white and red seal with a golden skull in the middle was connected with a long crimson cape while a red and white striped sash went across his chest. He wore a blue and gold helmet with a small median-sized figurine of what looked like a puma or cheetah and around the outside of his helmet was a green wreath. The tall man with the green mustache wore a long black cape with a grey dragon on the back with its wings spread and a brown and gold long coat that split at the hip. He wore long white pants and the pant legs were tucked into long black boots. The man with the long crimson hair, crimson lion ears, and had burly arms and legs and wore beige and purple shirt with black shorts. His fists were covered with green and black wrappings and on his forehead were a couple of red marks.
“Well, since we are all here, let’s begin,” Ashnero said, placing a finger on the brown map. “Xryx will be passing Mayu and will be marching towards his main target, Faein. Cailehis, Sarim,” Ashnero said, pointing at Cailehis and the crimson haired man. “Your laguz army will merge with Dhagonsin’s army and stay hidden in the east, and Malikinth and Firoh’s army will wait in west. My army will be merged with Emperor Kero Franos’ army. Queen Elena, Empress Sarika, your armies will wait above the clouds along with Tivarion and Nesilian’s army. The signal for your armies to strike will be the Battle Hymn that my people sing before they attack a great opponent.”
“But why don’t we move as a great mass, instead of waiting on the sidelines for your song to play?” The crimson haired man known as Sarim said.
“Because, Sarim, if we move as a great mass, Xryx’s army will wipe us all out with his deadly weapon. And you know what that means? Bang, we’re goners. Game over for Tellios.” Nalia said.
“Well, what is his deadly weapon?” Sarim asked.
“Some survivors of Arylorn had said that it was called the Nuke. They’ve heard the soldiers say that it can destroy two nations with one blast,” Dhagonsin said, folding his arms. “You may be a young growing lion with a hunger for great battles, Sarim, but we can’t run straight into the enemy.”
“My father is right, if we were to rush the enemy, we would all be lost.” Amidia said.
“But they are only humans! We laguz can rip through their defenses and annihilate them all!” Sarim cried.
“They may only be simple humans, but their technology is way beyond our imagination. Firoh, when you went to investigate Arylorn, did you bring back that bullet?” Cailehis asked. Firoh nodded. He reached below the table and pulled a bag from under the table. Firoh opened it and extracted a single grey bullet.
“This small bullet can end a life instantly. It can even fell a lion,” Firoh said, staring hard and Sarim. “But many bullets can fell a dragon easily which is why we must be separated into four armies.” Sarim bowed his head, understanding the fateful death that a soldier’s bullet can bring.
“This tactic of yours quite impressive, Lord Ashnero. But we have no idea how huge Xryx’s army is.” Kero said.
“I’ve scouted their camp in Arylorn. Xryx is calling for more reinforcements. His numbers should range from six thousand men to ten thousand men.” Wynne announced.
“Hmm . . . that’s a large number. How can he willingly waste all those precious lives for his dark ambitions?” Queen Elena breathed.
“He is a heartless and cold adversary, Elena. The Xerain have no feelings for all things. They only care about their own lives as a dark interloper and will stop at nothing to reign supreme over all worlds.” Dhagonsin said.
“Very true, King Dhagonsin.” Sarika said.
“But do we know when this army will arrive?” Nalia asked.
“It takes about a week to travel from Arylorn to Faein,” Malikinth answered. “So I suggest that we get our armies organized immediately.”
“King Malikinth is right, we must prepare immediately! They can be marching towards us right now.” Amidia declared.
“I say we do get our armies ready. But before we part ways, I must remind you all to tell to your soldiers,” Ashnero said, folding his hands. “Tell them to not kill as many soldiers as they can. The soldiers of the United States of America are fighting against their will. I do not wish to see so many lives lost in this pointless battle.”
“But what will the Sareneth Royal Family do?” Nalia asked.
“I fight! Can heal friends.” Lillina said.
“Lillina, please, I don’t want you to get hurt. Herons are fragile and if someone were to attack you, you would be –” Nesilian said, but Lillina cut in.
“Nesilian! You worry much about me. I be fine!” Lillina argued. Rafial sighed.
“Lillina, please . . . if you were to die on the battlefield the Sareneth family will be lost.” Rafial said.
“Yes, Princess Lillina, if you were to die, your family wouldn’t be able to prosper.” Tivarion said.
“Oh, okay. But where we stay?” Lillina asked.
“You can stay at Zaveria Cathedral. Duke Sephris will watch over you.” Sarika said. Everyone nodded and they were dismissed.

Ashnero and Amidia landed on a stone platform and got off their dragon. They immediately rounded up their strongest knights and called forth the Knights of Dragons. Amidia summoned mages, bishops, saints, sages, clerics, archsages, and sorcerers and gathered them at the castle gates. All of the local Faeins watched in awe. Ashnero assembled and organized a mighty phalanx to be placed in the front of the army. Thousands of Faein soldiers clothed in black, silver, and gold armor readied their lances, axes, bows, and sharpened their swords for battle. Amidia went over a quick Defensive Spell with her league of mages, bishops, archsages, sages, saints, and sorcerers. She also supplied all of her clerics and priests of Recovering Staffs and even gave a couple of them a Warp Staff just in case a soldier was on the brink of death. But the only staff she didn’t give out was her most prized and rarest staff, her Aum Staff. Amidia would always carry this staff around with her in case something horrible happened. It was said in legends that the Aum Staff could heal all major wounds and even summon a fallen ally from Heaven. Amidia kept it close by in case her husband was ever to be struck down by a foe. She closed her eyes and sighed. After the whole army was established, Ashnero and Amidia mounted their dragon and led the army down through the streets of Nassoria. They were in the front; behind them were the Knights of Dragons, their gleaming black and gold armor shining against the sun and their long crimson capes flowing, while their black armored white horses whinnied and flicked their white manes. Behind the Knights of Dragons was the large phalanx that Ashnero assembled, behind them were a large group of archers and marksmen, behind the archers and marksmen were the mages, sages, archsages, bishops, saints, and sorcerers, and behind them were the clerics and priests. All of the Faein residents were present and they stood on the sidewalks, bouquets of flowers in their grasps. When the army passed by, they threw the flowers on the ground by the army’s feet. Some of the soldiers would catch the flowers and strap them to their armor and belts. The Knights of Dragons caught most of the flowers; they put the flowers on their horses and placed them in tight places in the armor. Above the army was a battalion of knights riding on black dragons. Their commander wore the same armor of the Knights of Dragons, but he didn’t have his helmet on. He had light brown hair and blue eyes – or eye – his left eye was covered with a black eye patch. The Faein army marched out of Nassoria, and waited silently on the outskirts of the Faein border.

Cailehis, his nephew, Sarim, and Nalia summoned their finest and strongest warriors. Great hordes of laguz tigers and cats heed the call to war as Sarim roared, calling all laguz to form an army. Soon, thousands of laguz came, and the screech of a battalion of hawks and ravens could be heard overhead. Tivarion, Wynne, and Nesilian led the small army of hawks and ravens and circled the large army of laguz. Dhagonsin and Kurneo appeared by Cailehis and Sarim’s side as a small army of dragon laguz thundered across the sky and landed in the middle of the laguz army. The tigers and cats ran out of the way as they landed. Cailehis raised his hand and the army grew silent. Ravens and hawks landed nearby.
“The time has come to fight a powerful enemy. We will be aiding the Faein army in this war, and we will show the opposing army why we called the Children of Strength!” Cailehis shouted. Tigers and cats roared. Hawks and ravens cawed and screeched. The dragons roared and belched fire into the air. Dhagonsin raised his hand and silence fell upon the army once more.
“My dragon brothers, attack with all your strength! Fell these interlopers and bring peace to Tellios! Engulf them in your flames!” Dhagonsin shouted. The dragons roared with triumph. Tivarion, Wynne, and Nesilian flew to the platform that Dhagonsin, Kurneo, Cailehis, Nalia, and Sarim stood on. They turned into their human forms and Tivarion raised his hand for silence.
“My winged brothers and sisters! Ravens and their comrades! Let us pluck our enemies from the earth and carry them to the seas! May we use our sharpened beaks and talons to tear at our foes!” Tivarion shouted, punching the air. The air was filled with screeches and caws. Nalia raised her hand and once again silence fell upon the army.
“Laguz allies, though my people are unable to fight at the moment, they are cheering you on and praying for our victory. But we must fight for Tellios’ sake. If we fail to protect our lands, our families will be slain and all laguz history could be lost. So my friends, let us soar, run, and roar onto the battlefield, and show all of them why we are the strongest and second most ancient race!” Nalia yelled. All of the laguz roared, and the Laguz Kings turned into their animal forms and led the army to the east of Faein, thundering through Negnio and lie in wait for the call to strike.

Empress Sarika and Queen Elena led Princess Lillina, Prince Raylu, and Prince Rafial through the halls of the Zaveria Cathedral. They turned left, then right, then down a long corridor with white walls, and left again. Sarika pushed open a scarlet door and led Raylu, Rafial, and Lillina inside. The room had a high ceiling, white walls with pictures of past empresses and emperors carved into the walls, rows of wooden benches with red pillows; a large stained glass window of Sarika was at the end of the room above a stage with a lectern on it. A large book that looked like the Bible sat open on the lectern. Lillina observed the room with her mouth open in amazement.
“Is this where you pray?” Rafial asked.
“Yes. This was also the place where I was named the Empress of Negnio. I remember that day . . . I tripped on my cape while going down the aisle. It was too long for me, but it was the traditional clothing of Negnio Royalty. I was only five, but Duke Sephris taught me how to control a kingdom.” Sarika recalled, touching one of the wooden benches. Lillina glided onto the stage gracefully and studied the large Bible on the lectern. She read some of the Proverbs that were neatly printed in gold and turned to the Genesis. Lillina read the story of Moses when he led the Hebrews out of Egypt and her green eyes widened with every section she read. Rafial climbed the wooden steps and put a hand on her shoulder. He read too.
“It is very interesting learn of another religion, isn’t it sister?” Rafial said. Lillina nodded.
“You’re not a Christian?” Elena asked.
“Laguz religions are different than human religions. Our religion is called Ashunianity. While you humans worship your God and Jesus Christ, we worship and believe in a goddess named Ashunera. We believe that she made all life on Tellios and her first creations were the laguz and then humans. But after the laguz and humans fought each other in a great war, Ashunera washed us away and recreated us.” Raylu said.
“That’s exactly like our legend how we came to be! One man named Noah built an arc and brought two of each animal on earth aboard his great boat. God was going to flood the land but he warned Noah of the coming danger. So when God flooded the earth, Noah was safe along with the pairs of animals.” Sarika said. Raylu smiled.
“There is always a tale in religions on how we came to be. But sadly the scientists in the other world have hypothesized that we were all started out as mere molecules,” Raylu said, a hint of anger in his voice. “But I do not think so. We all were created by our gods, no matter what they uncover.”
“Prince Raylu, how did you know about the scientists?” Sarika asked.
“When they were sent here I watched from above, staying above the clouds and watching them with keen eyes. They saw me once or twice, and were marveled at how big I was. It was apparent that they have never seen a laguz before. When they made a camp outside Sareneth Forest, I eavesdropped on their conversations. The scientists talked among themselves about how large the molecules had to be to create a big enough heron. I moved closer, but I stepped on a twig and it snapped, giving my position away. When the scientists saw me, they pointed and shouted. And then they grabbed this peculiar device and ran towards me. I ran away, and flew away into the night sky.” Raylu looked up at his youngest sister and oldest brother.
“Oh, I wonder what would have happened if they caught you?” Elena said.
“They would dissect me, and experiment on me. They would hunt down the rest of my remaining family and experiment on them too.” Raylu responded. Elena clapped a hand to her mouth.
“That’s terrible! I can’t believe they would want to do that!” Sarika cried.
“They are curious. That is the answer.” Raylu said. Sarika nodded.
“Well, you too better go get your armies together. The opposing army could be close or far away to Faein.” Raylu said. Elena bid her farewell and dashed out of the cathedral, her clear cape billowing behind her. Sarika left Raylu, Rafiel, and Lillina in the cathedral and started summoning her finest knights. She summoned the greatest general in Negnio . . . General Zethius.
“General Zethius, I assume that you are quite nervous that you will be fighting alongside Faein?” Sarika asked. Zethius took a deep breath. He wore crimson armor and a long yellow-green cape. His green eyes looked tired and his dark blue hair was messy.
“I am, Empress Sarika. After that terrible act that the senators threaten me to do I feel as if they would strike us the first thing they see on the horizon that flies the Negnio flag,” Zethius said, trying to keep his voice unshaken. “But I have great pity towards the Faeins.”
“I see. General Zethius, assemble a large battalion of dracoknights and pegasus knights. Our army will not be on the earth, but in the sky. You will ride on a dragon.” Empress Sarika said. Zethius bowed and went to assemble the battalion.

Queen Elena rode to Castle Lythia on her armored pegasus. Her knights, clad in a white and gold armor, bowed when she landed in the courtyard. A knight with light blue hair and blue and gold armor marched up to her and bowed. His cape was light blue but it was a thin and narrow strip of finely sewn cloth. A woman with long light blue hair walked up to Elena also and bowed. She wore a long white overcoat with a light blue trim and down by the hem was a design of a swirl on each side and around the swirl was lines of tear-shaped circles. A long sword was strapped to her brown belt. The man and the woman seemed to share a resemblance, and they looked only nineteen years old. Elena signaled them to rise.
“Welcome back, Queen Elena. I hope your meeting went well.” The man said.
“It went alright, Sir Geoffrey. And I reckon that you and your sister protected the castle walls, correct?” Elena said.
“Yes, Your Majesty. We walked the corridors and the outskirts of the castle. We’d ensured that no thieves or brigands tried to invade.” The woman replied quickly.
“Good, thank you. Now, Geoffrey, Luciana, we will be aiding the Faeins in their war with the American army. Xryx is controlling their general, and we need to get him out of his body. Go assemble our finest and strongest pegasus knights. Geoffrey, Luciana, you will lead a small battalion of paladins to aid Ashnero’s ground forces. Be swift with this, and we will fly above the clouds to aid the laguz hawks and ravens and Empress Sarika’s forces.” Elena commanded. Geoffrey and Luciana bowed once more and went to fetch their strongest airborne knights. After they assembled a right enough amounts of pegasus knights and a good estimate of paladins and cavaliers, Elena took to the skies with her army as Geoffrey and Luciana led the battalion of cavaliers and paladins towards Faein.

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