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The yellow bird tapped on the window with its beak. Ashaedia put Mydia and Maylor on her bed and walked over to the window. The bird chirped happily. She opened the window and the bird flew in. Maylor hissed loudly when the bird tried to land on his spiky back. It chirped and flew away from Maylor when he tried to swat the bird with his long tail. Ashaedia held out her hand, but it landed on her shoulder instead.
“Now what’s your name little bird?” Ashaedia asked. Mydia thought she’d seen a picture of the same bird in the Book of Dragons. In a paragraph on page one hundred twenty-four, it said that the Goddess of Chaos took the form of a bird because she didn’t want to be recognized by humans that scolded her because of her chaotic powers. Mydia stood on her back legs and hurred: Her name is Lilluna.
“Lilluna? That’s a beautiful name. Is it your name?” Ashaedia asked the bird. The bird called Lilluna chirped and flapped her wings as if she was trying to say yes. Lilluna flew onto Ashaedia’s lap. Mydia crawled onto Ashaedia’s lap and examined the strange bird. Lilluna flew onto her head and Mydia flapped her wings. Lilluna copied her. Mydia was right; this bird had lots of chaos energy in it. But it wasn’t evil, it was kind and cheerful. A loose feather floated down to the ground and Maylor stared at it in amazement. It was giving off a blue glow, even though it was orange. And then it dissolved into purple-blue dust. The phone downstairs rang and Ashaedia’s father picked it up.
“Hello? Oh, really. No school today because of . . . WHAT!? DRAGONS?! That’s preposterous! But – oh, ok. I see. Ok, goodbye.” He hung up the phone and began to climb the stairs. All of the dragons hid and Ashaedia put Lilluna in her wardrobe.
“Don’t chirp, okay?” Ashaedia said to the bird. Lilluna nodded. Ashaedia jumped onto her bed and pretended to read a book called, “The Last Dragon Lord”. Her dad stepped inside.
“Hey, um, you don’t have school today because of . . . dragons.” He said.
“Okay.” Ashaedia said, and he left. The dragons came out of their hiding places and Ashaedia freed Lilluna from the wardrobe. Lilluna flew out and landed on Ashaedia’s computer monitor. She stretched her wings and Mydia got under Ashaedia’s blanket and curled up into a ball.
I think Lilluna wants to tell us something. Maylor said. Lilluna chirped. She flapped her wings and chirped some more. Gema poked her head out if the blanket and listened. Lilluna stopped chirping.
Lilluna says she’s here to guide Ashaedia. Mydia said from under the blanket.
You know what that bird is saying? Maylor asked.
Yes. I understand Lilluna. Mydia replied. Lilluna sang in approval. She liked it when a being knew what she’s saying all the time. Lilluna chirped some more.
She says that she wants Ashaedia to meet the dragons that were on the television. Mydia translated. Lilluna flew towards the door. Ashaedia got up from her bed and opened the door. Lilluna flew out and landed on a hall lamp. The dragons followed Ashaedia. Lilluna chirped a warning.
Lilluna says she wants us to come with Ashaedia, but we have to be hidden. Mydia said. Ashaedia went back into her room and came back out with a white backpack.
“Maylor, Mydia, would you mind if you traveled by backpack?” Ashaedia asked. All of the dragons shook their heads and climbed into the back pack. Mydia poked her head out of a hole in the backpack. Ashaedia lifted the backpack and it was really light, despite the fact that there are two somewhat large twenty pound dragons in it. Lilluna chirped and flew downstairs. Ashaedia followed and yelled up to her dad, who was in his room.
“Dad! I’m going for a bike ride!” Ashaedia yelled. Her dad said not to be long, and they were off.

“We’re heading towards my school?” Ashaedia asked half-way down the hill towards her school. Lilluna sang and landed on a tree limb to wait for Ashaedia. Ashaedia’s bike was about five years old and the chains were rusted, and she had to ride slowly down the steep hill. Lilluna impatiently pecked at the tree she was waiting on.
“I’m sorry Lilluna, but if I go any faster, my chain will break and the journey will be even slower.” Ashaedia said once she caught up to the bird. Lilluna took flight again. They got to the bottom of the hill. Finally . . . the stoplight marked that they were close. Lilluna chirped happily. Inside the white backpack, the dragons were having a dispute about the tiny backpack they were in.
Maylor, your foot is in my face! Mydia growled.
Well how about you stop being such a thorn? Your horny wings are jabbing me! Mydia hissed.
Mydia! Ouch! You burnt me! Maylor shrieked. Mydia had begun to feel angry and frustrated in both her and Maylor that she started to heat up. She was so hot; she was beginning to burn a small hole in the bag. When the hole was big enough, she fell through it. Maylor was about to fall through it too when he clung onto a strong thread.
MYDIA!! Maylor shrieked and Ashaedia stopped. Ashaedia opened the bag.
“What’s wrong?” She said. Maylor pointed to the large dragon-sized hole Mydia had made. Ashaedia stared at the hole. Ashaedia shut her bag and looked behind her. Mydia was scrambling to her feet about fifteen feet away from Ashaedia. What an unfortunate place to be unnoticed, many cars passed by this way and in bright daylight it was easy to identify the dark blue shape of a dragon. Ashaedia rode as fast as she could without breaking her rusty chain to Mydia.
Meanwhile, in a Chevy twelve feet away, a boy spotted Ashaedia going to Mydia’s aid. The boy took out his phone and took a picture of Mydia before she was picked up by Ashaedia. Ashaedia stood there for a couple minutes, calming Guina by singing to her.
“Mom! Look, a dragon!” The boy said, pointing at Mydia in Ashaedia’s arms.
“Marcus, all I see is a girl holding – wait a minute that is a dragon!” The mother said.
“Yup! And I took a picture of it before that girl picked it up.” Marcus said, taking another picture of Mydia in Ashaedia’s arms. The mother thought for a moment if she should call the military or not while Marcus videotaped Ashaedia and Mydia with his phone.
“Whoa. I’ve never heard that song before. I wonder what she’s saying.” Marcus said. He could hear the ancient song clearly. After Ashaedia finished her song, Marcus stopped videotaping. Just then, a gray Honda pulled up. Ashaedia was just about to put Mydia into her bag when she heard a scream. She turned towards the noise and it came from the green Honda. It was her mother.
“ASHAEDIA! YOU DROP THAT THING NOW!!” She screamed. Ashaedia dropped Mydia into her bag and picked it up. She ran away, leaving her bike behind. Lilluna flew ahead to lead Ashaedia, and Ashaedia heard a car door slam. Her mother had abandoned her car and was running after her! There was a short cut into St. Laurence Middle School’s playground. Ashaedia passed through the fence, following Lilluna. In the middle of the P.E track, stood three people. Lilluna was flying at high speed towards them. It must be them . . . Ashaedia thought. Just a little closer and she would be safe and –


Ashaedia was struck on the side of her head and toppled over. Her mother yanked her off the ground. She had hit her with her heavy purse.
“YOU’RE IN SO MUCH TROUBLE, LITTLE MISSY!! DON’T YOU RUN AWAY FROM ME LIKE THAT!! I’M YOUR MOTHER!! AND WHY IS YOUR HAIR BLUE?!” Her mother yelled. Ashaedia had forgotten that her hair was still blue from when she was singing her song in her room. She struggled, but her mother had a strong grip on her. Her mother began to drag her back to the car and Ashaedia’s backpack strap broke. Ashaedia’s dragons flew out to save Ashaedia. Lilluna even attempted to attack Ashaedia’s mother by pecking her ear. Maylor got in front of the mother and roared. Ashaedia’s mother screamed and dropped Ashaedia. Mydia tried to trip Ashaedia’s mother, but the mother kicked her hard in the chest. She fell over but she got up quickly. Maylor growled threateningly and slashed the air. Mydia blew blue-white fire in the air to show a sign of anger and her scales turned bright orange. In all the commotion, Ashaedia slipped away. She rested against a tree and a hand touched her shoulder. Ashaedia jumped and almost punched the man that had touched her shoulder.
“Please, I am no threat to you. Do not be afraid.” The man said. Ashaedia looked up. He had light blue hair that was in a low ponytail and had purple eyes. He wore a white cape, white and brown boots, and a brown over shirt, purple undershirt, and had a long piece of leather tied around his head. The man had tan skin and a red mark on his forehead. Ashaedia recognized him at once, he was the one Maylor had described from the news, it was one of the mysterious people that were associated with the dragons.
“Please stay safe and keep clear of that crazed woman, I would not like to see you get harmed by her. My comrades will take care of her.” The man said. Ashaedia looked towards her mother again. This time her dragons were retreating, and a large muscular man tackled Ashaedia’s mother. She was screaming something about getting a lawyer and that she’s Ashaedia’s mother.
“You’re – not – her – MOTHER!” The muscular man yelled. Another man but he was in white robes ran over to him to help him. He had a staff and raised it over Ashaedia’s mother. The blue orb on the end of the staff glowed, and there was a flash of blue light. The light cleared, and she was gone. Ashaedia’s dragons crawled over to her and sat beside her. The two men walked over to her.
“We have teleported her away so she doesn’t cause any more trouble. I also wiped her memory of what she just saw.” The man in the white robes said. He held out his hand.
“My name is Father Myloros; I am a bishop that works at Pameni Church.” Father Myloros said. Ashaedia raised an eyebrow.
“Oh? Do you not know where Pameni Church is? Very well, Pameni Church is in a kingdom called Faein. Hmm . . . still not familiar? Maybe you’ll remember when we take you there.” Myloros said. “But in the meanwhile, allow me to introduce you to everyone. This is Thania.” Myloros gestured next to the space next to him. There was nothing there. Ashaedia was confused. Myloros read the confused look on Ashaedia’s face and chuckled.
“Oh, yes, I have forgotten! Thania can blend in with her surroundings. Now, Thania, can you please reveal yourself.” Myloros said to the space next to him. Ashaedia thought she saw movement next to Myloros. And then a blue outline of what looked like an eleven-year-old girl appeared. Then a girl materialized before Ashaedia. She had long, silvery-white hair and light blue eyes. The girl wore a long white dress with a gold trim and gold under dress that had a turtle neck. She looked like an angel, but without the wings and halo. Ashaedia saw that she carried a white book.
“Now, this is Thania. She’s from Feloray, a small country off the border of a larger kingdom called Lythia,” Myloros said. Lythia . . . Ashaedia thought she heard of the place before. “She was a young priestess that worked in Castle Lythia when Lythia was invaded by Negnio, a kingdom far east from Lythia and Lythia’s neighbor. She then took refuge in Faein, which is the kingdom I come from. And this is Gareveth and Noen. They come Draconia.” Myloros gestured towards the muscular man and the light blue haired man. Maylor had described these men from the news cast. Gareveth was very tall, and was taller than Myloros. Noen gave a kind smile.
“Hello.” Gareveth and said. His voice was deep. His size was intimidating, but when he shook Ashaedia’s small hand, he had a gentle grasp.
“Hello, how are you?” Noen said. He was a foot taller than Myloros. He had a firm grasp, but he was gentle at the same time. Ashaedia thought she saw the shadow of a dragon in his purple eyes.
“Draconia was also invaded by Negnio. Draconia’s people fled and took refuge in neighboring countries and disguised themselves as merchants and artisans. They had to completely change their diets, their appearances, and their behavior towards humans.”
“Negnio?” Ashaedia said. The man that gave her Maylor had said something about Negnio.
“Do you know something about Negnio?” Myloros asked.
“No, but a man that gave me Maylor,” Ashaedia gestured towards Maylor. “Had said that something bad would happen to me and that something from Negnio would come and take me away.” Myloros took off his hood and his bishop hat. His hair looked very short with his hood and hat on, but without his hood, his hair was longer, it was about the length of his neck. It was strangely clean, despite not washing it for many weeks.
“Yes, well, Negnio’s senators have been seeking a Faein noble, but I’m not sure who they want and why. We have many nobles in Faein, all living in the great Castle Myteria. An associate of mine that works at Zaveria Cathedral in Negnio is very close to the senators during his work hours. He told me that the senators are planning the assassination of one of the Faein nobles. I can see this happening, because Faein and Negnio are rivals. Sadly, he doesn’t know who they intend to kill. But the way they speak of this noble, it sounds like a young child that’s not too far away from the throne and becoming Queen of Faein.” Myloros said. Ashaedia gasped.
“B-But why would they do such a thing? What do they have against the Faeins?” Ashaedia asked. Myloros sighed.
“Negnio was the second oldest nation in the world and the first founder of Faein, Lucerio, used to be one of their senators. After the Negnio council passed a law about the slayings of dragons, the first founder of Faein left because the law wasn’t passed with his permission. So he went north of Negnio and built Faein, where he made the first Dragon Temple. Faein then became populated by humans, and it was made a kingdom. Lucerio was made the King of Faein, and he lived a wonderful life of peace and prosperity, until Negnio sent armies to investigate Faein.
“Negnio had a sudden hatred for dragons and wanted to wipe them out. Lucerio saved dragons and hid them from Negnio society. To protect these dragons, he and his most powerful knights created the Knights of Dragons. The Knights of Dragons were the sole guardians of the Dragon Temple. They protected the dragons for many long years, and so did their children and their children’s children . . . and so on. But after Negnio had found out that Faein was protecting dragons, Faein and Negnio went to war.
“For many years, Faein and Negnio had a terrible relationship. Constant battles, waging wars, and countless lives lost. We tried befriending them, but they still fought us. Their Empress, Empress Sarika, is trying to stop her people from attacking the Faeins. But her senators are always disobeying her, and lead armies into Faein to slay our dragons.” Myloros picked up Mydia, who had a sprained wing, and waved a hand over her hurt wing. Green sparkling particles of dust fell from the palm of his hand and stuck to Mydia’s wing. The dust disappeared into her wing. Mydia flapped her healed wing and hurred a thank you.
“So, Negnio had a desire to destroy dragons and wipe them out?” Ashaedia asked.
“Yes. And it still does.” Myloros said.
“Ok, well, why are you here?”
“Why are you here? Were you searching for the dragons that were here?”
“My friend, I have already found them. But I am also looking for their smaller forms. The dragons you possess are the smaller versions of the larger and more powerful dragons.” Myloros said. He sat down on the moist grass. Thania cradled Mydia in her arms and sang her a beautiful song. Mydia closed her eyes to rest.
“That song . . . it sounds so familiar.” Ashaedia said. When she dreamed about dragons, she would hear this strange song’s melody.
“Do you know what the song’s called?” Myloros said, testing her.
“No, I don’t. But I sang a song that was similar to it.” Ashaedia said. Myloros and Thania exchanged surprised looks.
“It’s called Dragongaldr. The Faeins that cared for the dragons sang them dragongaldr when the dragons felt uncomfortable.” Thania said. Mydia yawned. Off in the distance, Ashaedia thought she heard something roar. Something huge. Her dragons seemed to hear it too. Myloros raised his staff in the air.
“Shield your eyes, this will be very bright.” He said. The orb glowed faintly, and then a ray of white light shot up into the cloudy sky. The light burst and sparks flew everywhere. The roars grew louder, and Ashaedia squinted at the source. Two figures appeared. They were large with huge wings and long tails. One was jet black and the other was bright pink. They grew larger when they flew closer. And then their shapes became clear. Large and powerful, they were dragons. Dragons! They landed in front of Ashaedia. Their bulging muscles, large scaly wings, claws as sharp as diamonds, and paralyzing gaze was spectacular. There was a flash of white light, and when the light cleared, a teenage girl and a teenage boy stood in front of Ashaedia.
“Hello.” The girl said.
She had long pink hair tied back into a low ponytail. The girl had tan skin, purple eyes, pointed ears, and had red marks on her forehead and cheeks. She was the girl that Maylor had described from the news. But Maylor didn’t report another boy. He had short dark green hair, tan skin, red eyes, and had a complicated looking mark on his forehead. But his ears weren’t as pointy as the girl’s ears. He wore long white pants, dark purple knee high boots, a short dark purple and gold cape, a faded blue under shirt, and a dark blue over shirt with a beautiful pattern on the front. The boy held a large knife with a red a gold handle. It was in a blue and gold sheath.
“You’re so shocked. Haven’t you seen a Laguz before?” The boy asked Ashaedia. Ashaedia shook her head. The boy walked over to Ashaedia and held out his hand.
“My name is Prince Kurneo. I am the Prince of Draconia.” Prince Kurneo said. Ashaedia shook his hand and bowed.
“Please, don’t bow down to me. I don’t need the praise. This is Eva, she’s my royal advisor.” Kurneo said. He gestured towards the pink haired girl. She waved.
“Okay, well, my name is Ashaedia. A bird called Lilluna guided my dragons and me here.” Ashaedia said. Lilluna flew onto Kurneo’s shoulder. Kurneo smiled and stroked her head gently.
“Oh, yes. This outrageous bird is quite . . . special. I was looking for Faein’s lost noble when she arrived. She came to Draconia to help me find Faein’s lost noble.” Kurneo said. Lilluna chirped happily.
“What happened to Faein’s noble?” Ashaedia asked.
“Well, it all started in the Dragon Temple in Faein. The young girl was feeding the dragons when Faein’s neighbor – oh, you have been taught about Tellios, right?” Kurneo asked.
“No, I haven’t, Prince Kurneo.” Ashaedia said. Prince Kurneo sat down on the grass. So did Ashaedia. Myloros, Thania, Eva, Noen, Gareveth, and Ashaedia’s dragons gathered around and sat down also.
“Okay, Tellios is a continent that Faein rests on. Now, allow me to begin the tale of the Faein Princess . . .”

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