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A boggart is a fae creature, in English folklore, known for its relentless mischief. It is part of a collection of 'bugbear' type spirits, which also include bogles, boogies and boogeymen. It is also considered to be related to brownies but is differentiated for being less helpful than a brownie and more malicious than a boogie.

It is said their appearance resembles a gnome, albeit one with tattered and dusty clothing. They are rarely seen but make themselves known by minor mishaps and persistent noises after dark.

Like all 'bugbears' they are clumsy creatures and prefer cluttered, semi-dark areas to hide in. They will serve themselves a nuisance to the homestead with such acts as causing milk to go sour, disrupting sleep (especially those of babies), stealing, frightening pets, leaving taps running, and more.

They are considered very difficult to be rid of, especially if named. Once an infestation is bad enough there is no known method of appeasing or reasoning with it. Home owners will be forced to act in a manner more annoying than the boggart to drive it off. If that does not work the lodgers are advised to move house as swiftly as possible, so that the boggart does not hear of the plans and hitch a ride.

Boggart - Mythical Creatures Guide

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