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Black Dogs are a whole class of monstrous, canine apparitions prevalent in European folklore, showing up frequently in English and Scottish lore. These mythical creatures are also often known as Hellhounds, and are described as being huge dogs, roughly the size of a calf (though there have been sightings which have placed them as large as horses); covered in thick, shaggy black hair and with glowing red eyes.

Despite their name, these creatures are not necessarily black, as there have been reports of them being white, spotted, yellow and even brown. Sometimes, though very rarely, there are reports of Cerberean Black Dogs – meaning they have two or three heads. The Hellhound’s canine teeth are often described as being longer than average, and, to many people, seem to be grinning at some hidden knowledge, rather like a canine Cheshire Cat. Black Dogs may be benevolent; they may be malicious; or they may be neither.

These apparitions appear at places that serve as transition archetypes – places such as lonely county rounds, ancient highways, bridges, crossroads, and shallowed entrances. Hellhounds are said to guard treasure or sacred places. More often than not, if you leave a Black Dog alone, it will not bother you but if you attempt to harm one, the consequences are dire. Black Dogs can inflict frightful wounds that may prove fatal. Indeed, in much folklore that describes these creatures, to see one is portent of death, though there have been purported instances of Black Dogs guiding lost travelers to safety.

Black Dogs are also associated with fire – specifically, the flames surrounding the hound and the presence of scorched earth and/or claw marks burned into wood or metal left in the beast’s wake.

Black Dog Description:

Coat is blacker than black, this doesn't gleam in the moonlight like a coat of a living dog. It's properly black. Sometimes white, spotted, yellow or brown.

Eyes glowing of sauce; others tell of terrible, empty black gaps. Though mostly they are blood-red gaps.

Claws spring precariously from huge paws that make no sound as the monster lopes along in the night which is good. The paws also leave no prints, even in the softest soil. It's so spooky.

Its teeth are hideously long and sharp and foul saliva reeking of sulfur may drool from the beast's jaws if on heat.

Its strength and agility is probably the best that I know of.

Black Dogs - Mythical Creatures Guide

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_Erika_Lancastor_ Black Dogs 4 Aug 19 2015, 9:46 AM EDT by __Desiree__
Thread started: Aug 14 2015, 1:23 AM EDT  Watch
Oh, my! In all the time i have been on this site, I didn't realise there was a page on Black Dogs!
I was particularly surprised to see that the Cerberean Black Dogs are included, because in Yarm in Yorkshire England, where I'm from, we have a legend of a Cerberean Black Dog! It is called a Barghest. It has two heads, is jet black, and its eyes glow either red or an eerie, unearthly green. There is another Black Dog legend near Boggart Hole Clough a ways away from my old home, that is said to be as large as a horse and has red eyes and is black, but it's said that it breaths fire, as well. I'm not as familiar with that legend as I am with the Cerberean Black Dog in Yorkshire, but I've heard a fair bit about it.
Let me see if I can scare up some info on the Yorkshire Black Dog. Some may find it interesting.

Here's the page I'm talking about, here on the site, if anyone else is interested.

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KaseyElaine Black dog. 6 Jun 3 2013, 7:08 PM EDT by FuryKing
Thread started: May 18 2013, 3:58 PM EDT  Watch
I saw a black dog when I was 10. I was sitting on my porch it was just getting dark when I saw this shadow like black dog running towards me. It had deep red eyes, and I smelled something like sulfur would smell like. It ran towards me and made me crash into my front it hit me with such force.
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Anonymous Black dog? 0 May 8 2013, 11:38 AM EDT by Anonymous
Thread started: May 8 2013, 11:38 AM EDT  Watch
I'm not superstitious at all. But about a year ago, I was walking around outside - I think it must have been about 7pm but it was really dark. I was taking my dog for a walk. We went on our usual route, through the forest a bit. It was kind of dumb of me because there was loads of bears about, but I was pretty sure my rottie would protect me from anything I came across... but I started to get that horrible feeling that I was being watched. I kept seeing weird things in the shadows, but whenever I tried to look at them they'd disappear. I heard this really creepy laugh, like a hyena. Then, when I got out of the forest, I swear I saw a huge dog-thing run in front of a car, but whoever was driving the car didn't seem to notice. I was completely freaking out by then, but I'm a rational person, so I just kept walking. I figured it was all my imagination, and I'm sure I would still believe that, except that my dog suddenly started growling at something. I swear, he never growls. At which point I just ran home as fast as I could.

That was a year ago. Nobody in my family has died or anything since, so... what does it mean?
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Sisterhawk Black Dog 8 Apr 7 2013, 7:05 PM EDT by FangDarkfire89
Thread started: Feb 4 2013, 8:11 PM EST  Watch
when i was 13 years old.i saw a black dog but it wasent solid and it was huge. it would show up out of nowhere growling and baring its teeth.When i was 18 it showed up the night before my fieance died in a car accident i havent seen it since.
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