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What are Aliens? A creature from outer space; an extraterrestrial; not of earth. A Xenomorph.Xenomorph?

alien grayWhen many people think of aliens, they think of UFOsUFOs, and crop circles and Area 51. Many people have reported seeing aliens, although their existence has not been proven. Aliens can appear in many colors including the most popular being green or gray. Some are said to have large round or oval shaped heads, while others have crescent or small heads. These people are called the grays and are more of a scientific race. They are neutral and only see us as science experiments. They act like they are just checking on us like a person checks on their animals that they don't really care for.

Aliens in Fiction

Many movies have been made about them,includingthem, including SignsSigns, ,AlienAlien nation, Independence Day, Night Feeders, and possibly the most popular, the Alien franchise which includes E.T, Alien,Aliens,, Alien3,Aliens, Alien 3, and Alien:Resurrection, along with the AVP movies(Alien vs Predator and Alien vs Predator:Requiem)andPredator:Requiem) and Tv shows such as The X Files .Files. Also in many of the alien movies they are trying to take over the Earth. Many are described as creatures who abduct and probe people to learn more about the human race. Many aliens are considered to have very advanced technology that is way higher /advancedand advanced than that of human technology.
a Crop circle

Crop circles are sometimes considered ways in which aliens are trying to communicate with people or possibly warn them of something. Alienweapons Alien weapons have also included the use of laser guns, guns that make people instantly disappear, and guns that erase human minds. In a few cases, aliens are said to have the power to use mind control. This ability has been put into many movies where aliens control humans, pets, and even monsters. Another commonly seen characteristic of aliens in movies is the words "I come in peace."peace" or "I bring you no harm."

An alien UFO crash landing
Alien Queen,from the movie,Aliens
The alien from E.T