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U.F.O ( a common name used to describe aliens, and or their space craft) was a nick name given to flying saucers by military personal, it stands unidentified flying object, but more commonly they are called extraterrestrials or aliens, both meaning not of this area (extraterrestrial means not of this territory, alien means something that is foreign to the person or place in question).... their are many different arguments and disagreements on conspiracy theories and stories involving aliens (and of the validity of the said stories or theories), some believe other life forms are what influenced the Egyptians both in their religion and in their beliefs involving the pyramids.
I would post more but most people argue about the details, but I will say this, many groups search for alien life, so promise to destroy it if it is ever found, some even say it is against their god's (or gods') will.... regardless many people argue about it as if it is obvious, they also make stubborn assumptions... if you wish to research more into them then please do so with open ears and mind, because any one who just believes what they read is only hurting themselves, feel free to try and do better then this half-baked attempt at correcting what someone else did... I was just trying to cover a broader audience instead of focusing on one part of the topic.... if I offended someone then I apologize (for this page), thank you and goodluck with the rest of your reading

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Anonymous Alliens arnt real (page: 1 2 3) 47 Apr 11 2014, 2:43 AM EDT by M.i.b.s
Thread started: Aug 12 2010, 5:12 PM EDT  Watch
Im a young beast hunter from ohio and let me say aliens havent made contact with u.s. are an other contry.And macman we all know you still a vergin.
Most mythical creatures are REAL but aliens are still out of reatch to the U.S.A. otherwise we would know wher they wer we are the second smartest
creatchers in the univers behind God's angel's and demond's .
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GoblinGrim Alien Autopsy 1 Dec 10 2013, 5:41 PM EST by GoblinGrim
Thread started: Dec 10 2013, 12:22 PM EST  Watch
Anyone ever see that show?
It was in the late 90's or early '00's.
It's where they said they had footage of a REAL alien being dissected.
I guess aliens are made of foam rubber and filled with cow and pig organs, because that's pretty much what it looked like to me.
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Anonymous aliens 2 Feb 10 2013, 9:13 AM EST by Limitliss
Thread started: Feb 10 2013, 8:27 AM EST  Watch
i don't claim them to be real or imaginary because we don't know enough to know for sure. saying they have to be real or that they have to be fake is just an opinion. saying that there is so much out there that they have to exist is not really proof in itself, snowflakes are supposed to be entirely unique, what if planets are the same, what if life is the same. then we could be it. on the other hand if it is something that repeats on multiple worlds, you have to take time/development into account. who is to say that they are not primitive? whether the aliens have more or less tech is debatable. they could have sprouted up and died out a millenia ago, or they could be in the middle of developing right now. so even if life exists on another world they may be microbes, or may not of even developed the ability to walk on land, or to use tools, they may be in there colonial stage of developing or they could be way beyond us. my main point is that after billions of years earth has us, whose to say they are in a different stage, beyond or before us?
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