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The Aesir and Vanir are the two sects of gods in Norse Mythology. The Aesir are the gods and goddesses of war who live in Asgard and the Vanir are the fertility gods who live in Vanaheim. Eventually these two groups of deities entered a war against the other and after much strife, the Aesir won.

The Major Aesir Gods:

Odin- The chief god in Norse Mythology. One of his alternative names literally means "Allfather." He is the god of war, death, poetry and wisdom. Odin Carries the spear named Gungnir, rides upon the eight-legged house,
Sleipnir, and on his shoulders sit the ravens Huginn (Thought) and Muninn (Memory). He is known as a seer and has only one eye.

Thor- Son of Odin. God of Thunder and bringer of justice and order. He carries the hammer of Mjollnir and wears the mighty belt,

Hel- Goddess of the underworld, Helheim. Daughter of Loki which was beautiful woman from about the shoulders up and decaying flesh below. The legend of Annis is sometimes thought to be contrived out of this goddess.

Loki- The son of giants and the trickster god. He is the father to three monster children. The wolf Fenrir, the half alive/half dead Hel, and the serpent Jormungand. He leads the giants and monsters into battle against the gods and heroes.

Tyr- God of War and the bravest among the Aesir. He is known as the One Handed God, due to being the only one with the courage to put his hand into the mouth of Fenris, who promptly bit of off upon it being clear that the wolf couldn't escape its binds. In some interpretations, he is considered to be another name for Odin, but such sources are not very clear on it.

Baldr/Baldur- The God of beauty, light, and purity. He rides upon the ship Hringhorni, the largest ship of them all. Baldr was known to be invulnerable to most anything, save for the wee plant, Mistletoe, that upon him being hit by an arrow made of it, crafted by Loki, and strung and shot by Baldr's twin brother, Hod, unaware, he fell dead on the floor. After the events of Ragnarok, it is said that he returns to the world, alongside Hod, and ushers a new era of peace and prosperity.

The Major Vanir Gods:

Freyr- Freyja's twin brother and the God of Fertility. Freyr is a mighty warrior, who rides upon the golden boar Gullinbursti, and wields a Magic Sword that was said to fight the opponent by its own will. He was bequeathed the realm of Alfheim, Home of the Light Elves/Ljosalfar, as a teething present, and serves as its ruler. Freyr shines with a light so radiant that in some stories, he's attested as the Sun itself personified. He dies at the hands of Surtr in Ragnarok, but ascends with the other Gods into paradise.
Freyja- Freyr's twin sister and Goddess of Love, Beauty, Death, Magic, and War. Freyja is queen of the Valkyries and ruler of the heavenly realm of
Fólkvangr, where the souls of slain warriors and normal people reside upon their death, it is attested to be the other half of Valhalla in some stories.. Freyja rides upon her chariot drawn by cats and possesses the gleaming necklace, Brísingamen, and a Cloak of Feathers. She survives Ragnarok alongside many of the other Goddesses, but it's left ambiguous on what happens to her afterwards.

Njord- Governed the sea and the winds and guarded ships and seafarers. Married to the frost giantess Skadi. He is the father of Freyr and Freyja and the frost giant Gerd.

Nanna- The moon goddess and Balder's loyal wife whose heart broke at the sight of him lying dead. She was cremated with him and accompanied him.

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