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Hello all of you out there,

Now I know that there are many that have their own website that they wish to show off to others. We have had more than enough asking us to visit their website. Hopefully we can come up with an arrangement.

If you wish to have your site featured in this page you MUST follow some rules first:

1) We need a name and link of the site.
2) We need the creator's web name of the site.
3) We want a description of the site (nothing simple as: Cos it's cool!)
4) You have to agree to link our site to yours.

Should you fail to deliver all four points, your weblink / advert will be removed promptly.

Thank you.

The Wedding Planner's Daughter

BY Ender'sShadow

It's about the book by Colleen Murtagh Paratore. It's about this girl named WIlla who mother is a wedding planner and during there visit to bramble she tries to get her mother to get her a father. It is explained better on the site.
Warrior Cats Roleplay

BY dancingpaws

The site is about 4 clans of warrior cats who live fiercly by the warrior code and you can create a cat and then roleplay it.
New Books Are Born Here

BY Gaaragirl1996

My site is a writing site, you can read stories of just about any genre and if you send us your writing, we'll post it.
Gladiator Arena

FOUND BY SparrowDarkwing

A web-based online MMORPG.
Mythical Creature Castle

BY Cinderfeather (aka Ophelia Bluedragon)

It's about mythical creatures,and what people might never have thought of them,bringing them to life and into a realistic light.You can create your own mythical creature,add tunes,chat awhile,or just discover facts about your favorite mythic beast!
Sanctuary Fan Site

BY Michaelbeezner

It is a fan site dedicated to the TV show Santuary, containing character listing, episode synopsis and much, much more.
Warrior Cats

By XxSnakeBitezxX And ChaosxBaby

Warrior Cats Is A Role Play Wiki, Inspired By Erin Hunters Books, Warrior Cats. Thousands Of People Made Wiki's Like This One Above. Did I Mention Warrior Cats Is About Cats? Obvouisly. My Point Is, If You Like Cats, Or Just Role Playing, You Should Join. (:
Nintendo Power Fanclub

By Allez

About the magazine. It has the Writer's Block section and it
has selected reviews and hand-chosen pictures of old
Nintendo Powers!
Shadow Writers Society

Site Creator: Stonepony83

The Society is basically a place for writers, artist, and others who like to learn, research, and just have fun. It is a growing site that you can help build by posting your own accounts of research that you have done (that is if you are willing to share your work) so others may learn from your discoveries! Post stories, discuss manga, show off your artwork, give advice to others, and possibly learn something new yourself. Come check us out and join. As the site grows, so does the activities and subjects!