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This is a theory that I have been toying about for quite some time. If mythical creatures do exist (and I have a strong feeling that they do), then how come no one see's them? Many are huge, like dragon's and treant's, so how can they stay hidden in this world were humans lurk at every turn? I think that they simply disguise themselves. Think about it, most of them have some pretty strong magic backing them up. I think that they make them look like something else. For an example, if a person looked at a treant, he would see a tree. A person who looked at a hell hound would probably see a large dog.
Some of you are probably asking the question, "Why? Why would they hide themselves from us?"
The answer : they are a bit scared of what we might do to them. In the past people have slaughtered dragons and vampires and harpies. It's like a continued assult on all things different. Which is pretty strange because, isn't every race different? I think that the mythical creatures were tired of this never ending battle and decided to hide themselves from our view.
But...then why have many younger children reported seeing trolls or gremlins or other mythical creatures? I think that maybe the younger children have minds that are to innocent and pure too bother fooling, besides does any adult ever beleive them? I think not. Either that or maybe you can only see them if you really believe in their existence. Some people say they believe, but do they really? Are they willing to bet their life on it?
There also is another theory, can they simply change shape? Perhaps dragons can, but can beings like hell hounds, vampires or yetis? Perhaps it is a combination of both.
Of course some people might say, "What if they really are gone?" Impossible. I remember one day when I was on my balcony and I saw a dragon pulling into a dive. I could feel the magic radiating off it's body. It was majestic, proud, and stunning. Literally. I couldn't move at all when I was seeing it. No matter how hard I tried.
There was also another time, we had just gone into our summer cottage. Our cottage is on an ilsand in Muskoka. I was walking around the ilsand and I heard a screech overhead. I saw a shape emerge from the trees. The tawny fur and flying feathers gave it away as one of my favorite creatures. A Gryphon. It was amazing to watch as it flew overhead. Without thinking I ran ahead trying to follow it, but it was way too fast.
I have not given any description of these creatures, I'll describe them now.
The dragon was immense, I don't know excatly how big, But on 4 legs, it would dwarf your average tree. It had huge batlike wings and a long tail with a few spikes on it. It's eyes were a hypnotic gold. If you stared into it's eyes I don't think that you would ever want to stop. Its scales were a golden-green kind of colour, they seemed to shimmer with the light.
I didn't get a good view of the gryphon, but it was as big as a normal sized horse. It had tawny fur and brown and white feathers. The tail was shaped like a lions, but it was a very large tuft of fur on the tip. The eagle and lion sides were smoothly grafted together. I couldn't tell where the change between fur and feather ended or began! I didn't see it's eyes, but it's beak was very dangerous looking, it could have easily sliced through bone and sinew. The talons were especially deadly looking. They would have made mincemeat out of whatever it was chasing.
I have told you my theorys and my sightings. If any more sightings occur I will update immediattly, thank you all for listening, not many people would...

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