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Member since: Feb 17 2011, 5:53 PM EST
Slogan: Once a NightWalker always a NightWalker
Friends: 34
Compliments: 3 compliments by 2 members
Love your profile!2
Hey, I think you're super!1

My Name is..!

he's a juggalo(:
haha thats him(: lol
Dalton  my boyfriend(:
This IS only A little BIT about ME!!!(;
so i've been here for a year now(:
i joined cuz i loe vampires,werewolves,ect...

Imma juggalette(:
I also juss started getting into magic w/ my friends there are I think 11 of us and we're called the NightWalkers!(:
still in a relationship(: I love dis dude to death! <----------IT"S ME(:ya it's me(: