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I am Donardo Lee Colman
The Hero of The Realm of Bohdons

Hello, my name is, Donardo Colman

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Home town


I joined this wiki because I am a writer I do lots of research on mythical creatures, an-gent spell, and mythical beast

The best word to describe me is that I have hazel green eyes also happens to be my favorite color, have an act of imagination, and my mind is open to the impossible.

My Iinterests are very valuable to my benefits, I love to work out, create new ways to express my feelings, music is often my favorite, and I play the guitar.

Favorite movies, Merlin is the top favorite for me anything that give the impression of syfy, fantasy and other interesting materials.

Favorite TV shows, Merlin, Law In Order, CSI, and Bones.

My superpower is, Knowledge and the mentality to create.

If I could live anywhere, it would be, Canada

My dream job is to write more.

What else you should know about me I have loved, hate, and despised my family, but come to realise that they are all I have to be thankful for.

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